Inspired by the Future of the Baltic Sea

Wonderwater Founder Kari Korkman curated Wonderwater Baltic Sea (formerly 16 Steps Closer), an exhibition inviting 16 Nordic designers – from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia – to present a vision for the future of the Baltic Sea in the hope of inspiring change. The designers of the exhibition share ideas and concepts about how to purify the Baltic Sea and make life on its shores more beautiful. The goal is to help the inhabitants of the Baltic coast become more responsible and considerate about the future. Among the  projects presented are the Sailing boat by Björn Dahlström (Sweden) and Light Box by Peteris Bajars (Latvia). Wonderwater Baltic Sea will run 12.12.2012-6.1.2013 at the Old Customs Warehouse, Helsinki.

The designers of the exhibition include: Peteris Bajars, Rasa Baradinskiené, Juozas Brundza, Johan Carlsson, Björn Dahlström, Helle Frogner, Ieva Kaleja, Mare Kelpman, Runa Klock, Hannu Kähönen, Cecilie Manz, Katrin Olina, Kaija Poijula, Martin Pärn, Jessica Signell Knutsson, Kristján Örn Kjartansson. Launched as part of the Nordic-Baltic Designer Event in autumn 2011 in Riga, 16 Steps Closer travelled to Vilnius from Feb 9 to Mar 2 at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.
Read more about the 16 Steps Closer exhibition here.