First grants in Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture in 2010

The Nordic Culture Point has announced the first results of the joint Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture in 2010.

Mobility grants for trips to Nordic countries have been received by 7 creative professionals from Latvia: Inese Baranovska, Antra Augustinoviča, Linda Vēbere, Krists Pudzēns, Alīse Nīgale, Margita Zālīte, Inta Balode.  

Within the residency support program, financial support was obtained by the International Writers' and Translators' House in Ventspils. It is intended to cover travel and living expenses of Nordic writers and translators.

The short-term networking program has granted funding to 3 projects from Latvia: the New Theatre Institute of Latvia, the International Summer School of Photography, and the Music and Art Support Fund.

Moreover, four applications submitted from Latvia – by the Museum of Literature and Music, Eastern Park Studio, the electronic art and media centre RIXC and the contemporary art project kim? - managed to obtain funding also through the Culture abd Art Programme, where, unlike the joint Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme, Baltic countries do not contribute with co-financing. 

In total, Latvian benefit from the joint Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture in 2010 has so far amounted to 115 467,-EUR.

The joint Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture is financed by the Nordic and Baltic countries with the aim to create a platform for an innovative, dynamic Nordic-Baltic art and culture life. The programme runs from 2009 until 2011 and is administered by the Nordic Culture Point in Finland,