Contribution to Bioeconomy Strategy Development in Latvia

On 25 August, 2016, at the Hotel Bergs Glass Hall was held a workshop “Contribution to Bioeconomy Strategy Development in Latvia. Finding Focus and Transferring Best Praxis examples from the Nordic countries” organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Latvia.

The government of Latvia has assigned the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) to develop bioeconomy strategy document for Latvia until 30th June, 2017. MoA plans to develop the strategy in cooperation with Latvia University of Agriculture (LUA). MoA has approached NCM Latvia office and defined their need for determining the focus areas and activities of the bioeconomy strategy, as well as transfer of general best practice from the Nordic countries.

Nordic Council of Ministers Office Director Jan Widberg emphasized: " Bio-economy , circulation economy , green growth and zero-waste production - all are facets of sustainable development. Nordic Council of Ministers aims to reflect these theoretical concepts ‘in action’ . What do we mean with the concept bio-economy , this region? Fish-meal preparation of the pulp mill ' waste leads to new ways of thinking when the economic process can no longer afford such components as excess production or waste. We live on a planet with limited natural resources, thus, we should use the resources in smart and responsible manner. Also increasingly important is the understanding of climate change and the EU's objectives to mitigate it. It all leads to a new business framework, where regulation, the national strategic vision and awareness of the competitiveness on world markets matters more than before”.

The first part of the workshop was held in English. Two nordic participants shared their experience - Arne Bardalen from Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NINIO) and  Mika Aalto from the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy,  as well as Ingrida Brēmere form the Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF). 

In second part of the seminar Rector of Latvia University of Agriculture, Prof Dr Irina Pilvere reflected about State of Art of Bioeconomy in Latvia.

Seminar was followed by a panel discussion.

Photo from the seminar