Global MIL Week Feature Conference in Gothenburg about citizen's identity in the digital age

The Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2019 Feature Conference was held by UNESCO in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg, the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO, and the Region Västra Götaland in Gothenburg, Sweden, on September 24–25, 2019. Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week, commemorated annually, is a major occasion for stakeholders to review and celebrate the progress achieved towards “MIL for All”. This year edition of the major annual event on MIL focused on the cities and citizens in the digital age under the theme “MIL Citizens: Informed, Engaged, Empowered”.

One of the side events of the conference was a joint discussion „Empowering Youth as Agents of Media and Information Literacy: the Role of Informal Education”. The discussion was attended by representatives of youth organizations, media literacy and information literacy researchers and media experts. The event discussed the role of young people in promoting media literacy and presented some examples of good practice. Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Latvia and members of the youth movement “Medijpratejs” shared their experience. The discussion was moderated by Baiba Molnika, the Secretary-General of the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO.

The event was organized by UNESCO Department of Media and Information Literature, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Latvia, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia, the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO and NORDICOM.