Latvian artist Ieva Epnere at Reykjavik Art Festival

From 12 May until 5 June the Reykjavik Art Festival is taking place in Iceland, where Latvian photographer Ieva Epnere will be exhibiting her photo series I Would Like to Be…


Summer jobs in Nordic countries

Do you want to have a summer job in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden? 


CO2 E-Race Riga on 15 May


Richard Bærug: Nordic Region – a spiritual space

“The Nordic region is a spiritual space covering the areas in which a large proportion of people define themselves as Nordic and feel an affinity with the spiritual Nordic community.”


Nordic Stories at EU Garden Festival


European film festival EuroFilmColours 2010

The European Film Festival taking place on 7-14 May will feature some of the finest Nordic films made over the last years:


Creative Europe. Creative world. Creative multilingualism

Within the framework of Creativity Week taking place on 26-30 April, the Grammar School of Nordic Languages will organise a range of creative workshops on 29 April, in order to promote creative approach in l...


Nordic Stories’ Thursday:


Mobile workforce is a prerequisite for welfare


Video: Troels Sandegård's exhibition Exhale (26/03-25/04)

An installation EXHALE by the Danish artist Troels Sandegård will be exhibited at the gallery SUPERNOVA and its surroundings in Riga’s Old Town as of March 26th.