Nordplus programme 2014


Social challenges and possible regional co-operation and action

Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia in cooperation with Ministry of Welfare of Latvia and Swedish Embassy in Latvia in November 12 organised Experts’ round table discussion on labour migration in th...


Literary event with the participation of Finnish writer Katja Kettu


Nordic Council of Ministers is looking for a Senior Adviser to run the Secretariat of NDPC

• providing assistance to the Chair of the NDPC Steering Committee; among other activities with the preparation and follow up of the Steering Committee´s meetings and decisions • creating links between the...


Marta Zarinas-Gelze wins Nordic-Baltic food waste competition

The winner of the Nordic-Baltic poster competition was new latvian designer Marta Zarina-Gelze. Dagfinn Høybråten, the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, awarded first prize for the Nordic...


Artists against food waste

The 15 finalists in the Nordic-Baltic ad competition on food waste have been chosen. Almost half the entire food supply in the world is wasted between the farm and the fork. A third of all food actually prod...


Father – big, strong and sweet

«Sweet, cool, very big and working all the time,» such are the most popular answers given by the Latvian 5-7 year-olds in a survey done by the Latvian NGO «Centrs Dardedze», which has launched a new series o...


Nordic photographers exhibit in Riga

From 12 August until 12 September, the Latvian capital of Riga will for the first time host an exhibition by internationally acclaimed photographers Anders Petersén (Sweden) and Jacob Aue Sobol (Denmark). Th...


Call for creative minds to fight food waste

On 5 June 2013, the United Nations in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers will launch an ad/poster competition on food waste: the Think.Eat.Save - Nordic-Baltic Ad Competition. In this compet...


New Realities - New Opportunities

15th Baltic Development Forum Summit will take place 29-30 May 2013 in Riga, Latvia and will be organized by the Baltic Development Forum and the Government of the Republic of Latvia. The Baltic Sea Region i...