Closer cooperation to strengthen Baltic region's competitiveness

On Friday, January 22, during the meeting of the Baltic Council of Ministers, the prime ministers of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia agreed on closer cooperation in order to foster long-term economic developme...


Nordic Region pointing the way forward


Towards a green future – Nordic climate solutions

The UN climate summit in Copenhagen 7-18 December, COP15, is described as one of the most important international meetings in history. It is expected that the countries of the world will agree on how to curb...


CO2 map of Copenhagen

On 13 December 2009, a CO2 map of Copenhagen will be created with the use of electric cars. A similar map was already made in Riga on November 14, and now the project is being repeated in Denmark.


New round of applications open for Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration

The Nordic Council of Ministers and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have raised approximately 2.5 million Danish kroner for the budget of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration for 2010.


GENDER AND FINANCIAL CRISIS – Nordic-Baltic Gender Equality Forum

The Nordic Baltic Seminar on Gender and Financial Crisis taking place in Riga on 3-4 December will discuss the current financial crisis from a gender perspective. 


Organized networks: a Training Programme in Cultural Network Management

Addressing the issues of sustainability with a focus on networking, a Training Programme in Cultural Network Management, including a Meeting for Art and Renewable Energy Network will take place in Riga, Dece...


The very last Last Thursday of 2009

Welcome to attend the very last Last Thursday of 2009 on 26 November!


CO2 E-Race Riga

“CO2 E-Race Riga” is a series of events to start on November 14. It is designed to increase public awareness in the Baltic States about the global climate crisis and to show possible ways to solve it through...


EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy: Growth, Prosperity and Clean Environment