Nordic Climate Solutions 2009

Nordic Climate Solutions is Northern Europe’s largest meeting place for stakeholders within transport and energy.



The Symposium for Art and Renewable Technologies will be held on 13-16 August in Aizpute, Latvia. The symposium will gather around 30 artists, activists, technology experts, scientists and researchers primar...


First grants in the Nordic-Baltic Mobility and Network Programme for Business and Industry

In the first application round of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility and Network Programme for Business and Industry, participants from Latvia were the most keen to apply.  


Latvia in the 2009 Nordplus Network Programme

In June the results of the Nordplus Framework Programme 2009 were announced. Latvian education establishments and organisations submitted 22 project applications, receiving support for 16 of them. All in all...


Nordic PMs reinforce Nordic climate profile

The leaders of the Nordic governments will turn to the other countries’ of the world with a view to reaching binding agreement for global climate efforts to be given a prominent position on the political age...


Energy: Pulling the Baltic Sea Region together or apart?

In recent years, the Baltic Sea region has gained importance as an energy bridge between the EU and Russia. At the same time, important changes have taken place in the sphere of energy in the EU and the indi...


Nordic stamp on EU Baltic Sea Strategy

The Nordic Council of Ministers has left a very clear imprint on the new EU Baltic Sea Strategy, which the EU Commission presented at a series of events in member countries on Wednesday.


Nordic-Baltic workshop on the prevention of violence

The Nordic and Baltic countries have a long history of collaboration and sharing of experience in number areas. In violence prevention Norway has taken a leading role in supporting the expansion of good prac...


First grants in Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture

Within the joint Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, financial support of EUR 83 483 has been granted to 60 out of 211 mobility applications submitted from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The mobi...


ECO CHIC- Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion

From April 27 until June 5, an exhibition ECO CHIC- Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion organised by the Swedish Institute is being held at the Riga Art Space, 3 Kungu Str. The exhibition displays the works ...