Photo exhibition "Svalbard"

From 12 April 2018, in the premises of the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office photo exhibition "Svalbard" will be displayed, which has been prepared in cooperation with the TV program "Cognitive Impulse" - journalist Sandra Kropa and operator Maris Maskalans. In the February of this year, they went on an expedition to this far north area, where the inspiration for this photo story originated.

Svalbard is a place in the Arctic, which is also called halfway to the North Pole. From there to the farthest northern point of the planet is just over 1,000 kilometres - just as far as to the Norwegian coast in the southern direction. Whale and polar bear hunters came to Svalbard’s archipelago’s largest and most famous island of Spitsbergen in the 17th century, followed by miners, and eventually, scientists also came there. At one time, Svalbard was the paradise of polar explorers - it's not without the reason that exactly there legendary Roald Amundsen made his first steps to the way on to the North Pole. But over the last decade, Svalbard's eternal frosts are an ideal place to explore geology, climate, and even genetics.

The expedition and exhibition have been prepared in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia.