Storyteller Meg Nömgård from Sweden participates on 13th Kurland storytellers’ festival "Ziv Zup"

13th Kurland storytellers’ festival "Ziv Zup" (Fish Soup) in Kuldīga will take place on April 26th and 27th to re-actualize storytelling as an important part of the legacy, highlighting the storytellers themselves, their unique stories, the inheritance of this tradition from generation to generation and the richness of the language of the Kurzeme region and the diversity of dialects. Every year, the festival brings together not only local story-tellers but also representatives from other regions of Latvia and other countries. This year Meg Nömgård from Sweden will visit the "Ziv Zup" festival. On Friday, April 26, she will hold a master class at the Kuldiga Art House and participate in the Storytellers Evening. On Saturday, April 27, Meg Nömgård will participate at arrangement “Ghosts and ghost stories on the storytellers”.

Meg is the director of The Land of Legends, which is run by The Storytelling Network of Kronoberg which is an association that was formed in 1990 with the aim of encouraging storytelling and highlighting the treasure of legends from the area of Kronoberg, South Sweden. The Land of Legends includes among other things “The Museum of Legends” (Sagomuseet) a yearly Storytelling festival and Legendary places in the landscape. She is also a storyteller, who love to tell everything between the tales from ancient time up to modern stories.