The famous Faroese singer Eivør visit Riga

"If your roots coming from distant and incredibly beautiful and mostly unknown islands, it is easy to become sentimental and you will start to tell others about it,” says the famous Faroese singer Eivør Pálsdóttir. Eivør, born in Faroe Islands, is a songwriter, performer and vocalist endowed with a rare and powerful voice and her home country are the source of inspiration for her music.
On May 11, 18:00 in the Wooden renovation center “Wooden Riga” (12 Krasotaju Street) is an opportunity to meet and hear Eivør. During the Artis-talk also latvian musician Laima Jansone will perform together with Eivør. The last summer Laima visited Faroe Islands and the trip was supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme "Culture".
The event will be held in English. Free entrance.
Event is organized by Nordic Council of Ministers Office in collaboration with the World Music festival "Porta".

Pictures from the event

Video from the event