Year 2016, the LAMPA conversation festival was taking place from July 1 – 2 and for the second time festival home was the Cēsis castle park.

Trust, sustainability and diversity – these three principles are at the heart of the LAMPA conversation festival. Many organizations and activists are involved in its creation, cooking up festival events and offering financial support. The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia in cooperation with Nordic Embassies in Latvia and other cooperation partners - a comics art magazin kuš! and  society “Latvian Autism center”, offered several interesting events. 


A workshop was organized in collaboration with Latvian autism association, which invited people to take part in a captivating simulation – the construction of the house of the future. Just like in real life – the participants of the simulation were given resources, a time limit and a task – to build a house. While searching for solutions for the integration of people with special needs in latvian society, a problem becomes actual – different peoples and responsible institutions act differently and theres little communication and the cooperation is missing.

The goal of the simulation is to model the decision making process in the synergy between The government institutions and non-governmental institutions and to find answers to such questions – Why is the society forming so slowly? What impacts its quality? What should be done in order for the opinions to be taken into account? And the other way around – What should never be done? What is happening in the level of local cooperation? Should there be an united opinion for all? What is constructive co-participation?


A COMICS WORKSHOP with an illustartor, author of comics, and a member of a Finnish feminist comic authors`group EMMI VALVE in cooperation with Finish Embassy and the comics magazine kuš!

If you had to name the most typical forms of inter-personal communication, you probably wouldn`t start with comics. But this seemingly non-traditional media format makes possible a visuale exchange of opinions, story-telling and even listening. Comics employ a special language, emerging in the space between text and picture. With full confidence that anyone can create comics a creative comics workshop was organized. Emmi Valves creations are autobiographical, she enjoys showing the world as it is, using small seemingly meaningless daily moments because these are the moments that ends up dominating our life. The comics workshop was as a conversation, created by people working together to visualizer their expirience , thoughts and opinions.



Nordic and Latvian mayors come together in Cēsis in order to talk about cities of the future – i.e., cities with no cars, self-sufficient in green energy and full of high-rise structures where people live and move freely. What will future cities look like in our region? What challenges can we expect with increased concentration of population, increased numbers of cars, increased demand on resources and growing immigrant communities? And what real options are available today, as we are moving into the future? A two-hour discussion will offer examples of good practice and focus on how to create synergy between the community and the local government, how to build future cities in tight cooperation with society, ensuring that the cities meet our future needs.

Six local governement leaders – trendsetters, visionaries and doers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Latvia – talked about innovations in their cities and regions as well as shared their visions of the future. Cesis Mayor JANIS ROZENBERGS and Valmiera City Mayor JANIS BAIKS represented Latvia, whereas the Nordic countries – by Bornholm Mayor WINNI GROSBØLL  (Denmark), Aust-Agder Region Mayor JON-OLAV STRAND (Norway), Pori Mayor AINO-MAIJA LUUKKONEN (Finland) and Motala Mayor ELIAS GEORGES (Sweden). The discussion where moderated by Latvian former Minister of Economy Daniels Pavluts.

Discussion was organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia, the Embassy of Sweden, the Embassy of Norway, the Embassy of Finland and the Embassy of Denmark.



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