In celebrating the 25th anniversary of Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia in 2016 in cooperation with Latvian Radio 1 program “Known into Unknown” we discovered known and unknown about Europe’s Northern countries. In 2017 the new project was developed - this time to explore Arctic regions of Nordic countries. 

 Contact person Inga Puriņa, +371 26651841,

24.03.2016 (in Latvian): Finland - Finnish and Latvian cultural and linguistic ties

07.04.2016 (in Latvian): Finland - The Baltic Sea and Finnish inland waters

21.04.2016 (in Latvian): Finland - The astronomy researchers, the Winter War of Finland and political participation in Finland

09.06.2016 (in Latvian): Denmark - The happiest country in the world

07.07.2016 (in Latvian): Denmark - Shopping habits and food waste 

14.07.2016 (in Latvian)s: Denmark - Science and research, and the Viking life in the Middle Ages

11.08.2016 (in Latvian): Iceland - Icelandic rescuers and the research on volcanic processes

18.08.2016 (in Latvian): Iceland - Icelandic horses, forest planting and economic cornerstone - Tourism

25.08.2016 (in Latvian): Iceland - The Icelandic language 

20.10.2016 (in Latvian): Norway - The truth about salmon farms and summer "resort" in the Oslofjord

27.10.2016 (in Latvian): Norway - Life on the oil platform and the benefits electric car owners

01.12.2016 (in Latvian): Sweden - Kiruna - the world's largest, most modern underground iron ore mine

08.12.2016 (in Latvian): Sweden - Valentīna Lasmane

15.12.2016 (in Latvian): Sweden - the Northern Light phenomena

15.03.2018 (in Latvian): Svalbard. The unique nature and ecosystem - polar bears and snow avalanches