This publication aims to highlight some of the projects and events that were supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia in 2018. Instead of a full account of all activities conducted, we hope to provide you with some colourful glimpses reflecting the wide spectrum of cooperation taking place between Latvia and the Nordic countries. The main areas of work continue to be independent media, democracy and good governance, sustainable development, social welfare and health, and culture. Besides these activities, plenty of Nordic-Latvian initiatives and projects are running on their own merits, while others are being supported by Nordic embassies in Riga or other Nordic organisations.
Last year was a special year for Latvia, full of events and activities to celebrate its 100th anniversary. One such event was the joint decision of the three Baltic governments to establish the Baltic Cultural Fund, which will promote joint Baltic cultural manifestations abroad. I am very glad that the Nordic Council of Ministers’ in the end of 2018 was able to support the newly-created Fund with 100.000 euros, that will be used for Baltic cultural initiatives in the Nordic countries.
The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia would like to express gratitude to all our partners for fruitful cooperation during 2018. In the coming years, we are ready to expand our networks and explore new ideas of common interest that will bring Latvia and the Nordic countries closer together. In 2019, particular priority will be given to cooperation within the social welfare and health sector, digitalisation, as well as activities involving children and youth.

Nordic-Latvian cooperation 2018