Nordic Baltic pilot project on cooperation on social affairs and health

The project aims at facilitating Nordic-Baltic knowledge exchange on social and health issues and secures a continued dialogue and process for discussing and mapping out cooperation opportunities between the Nordic and Baltic countries in the social and health sector. Furthermore, the idea is to facilitate the establishment of potential Nordic-Baltic cooperation initiatives on social and health issues beyond 2020 and discuss what sources and funds (national, regional, EU) are available for financing different concrete activities in the frame of this cooperation. This will be achieved by arranging network meetings and implementing several particular activities - experts’ meetings, policy maker’s workshops, professionals’ field visits, conferences, creating and translating publications - on the thematic areas and topics chosen by the countries.

Three thematic areas will be the frame of a range of specific activities facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences:

- child wellbeing,

- dementia and elderly care,

- cooperation on disability policy and practice.

The overall goal of the pilot project is to add to increased use of expertise and resources existing in the Nordic-Baltic region for securing highest living quality for all regions’ inhabitants, especially for vulnerable groups.

The project management body is the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia. The steering committee which consists of NCM Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and NCMS will engage various Nordic and Baltic core stakeholders, as national ministries or agencies, researchers, service providers and NGOs for implementing particular activities.

The Nordic partners: Nordic representatives in the Nordic-Baltic senior officials' network, Nordic Council of Ministers’ (NCM) secretariat, NCM Offices in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, Nordic Welfare centre.