The second Nordic-Baltic Creative Writing Camp will gather young people from the three Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and Finland in the Latvian seaside resort city Jurmala from 16 to 20 August.

The three-day camp will be led by a Finnish poet Susinukke Kosola (Daniil Kozlov). He is writing societal poetry, teaches and hosts workshops for people of different ages and backgrounds and also works as a creative writing teacher at the University of Turku. For many years he has worked as a publisher. “For me, writing is exploring the world and understanding myself, “ says Susinukke Kosola.

During this time, young writers will learn the basic writing techniques, how to jumpstart creativity, and tips on how to find, improve and amplify the special artistic voice. Participants will also have possibilities to discuss important and relevant issues such as the nature of social reality, social media as a publishing platform, experimental and autofiction writing.   Three days may not be enough to become a great writer, but it may just be enough to improve youngsters writing skills while sparking their creativity.

In addition to learning the youngsters will also have opportunities to get acquainted with the Jūrmala city and Ķemeri National Park.

The Nordic-Baltic Creative Writing Camp is a joint project of the Nordic Council of Ministers Offices in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, and is financed by the programme Nordic Writers Crossing Borders.

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