On Thursday, the 23 of February 2006 at 18:00 a panel discussion about European Identity in the Light of Recent Events in Denmark and the EU takes place at the premises of the Danish Cultural Institute, Riga, Marijas iela 13/3 (Berga Bazars). Three scholars - Daniel Tarschys, former Secretary General of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg , currently – Professor of the Stockholm University (Sweden), Lykke Friis, former chief for Danish Industry in European Politics, expert in international politics and economics, recently elected Pro-rector, University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and Zaneta Ozolina, Professor of the Political Science Department, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Latvia (Latvia) will look into recent events in Europe and try to find the answer to the question: Is there a common European identity, and can it encompass all the residents of the union? The recent referendums in the Netherlands and France and the trouble caused by the Danish cartoons have raised questions such as Does European Solidarity exists or is the union existing only as long as there are common interests? Is there such a thing as ”European Core Values”? The EU motto is “United in diversity” – does it work in the real world? How do we deal with many people, religions, and cultures within the union? The panel discussion is to be held in English and Latvian with synchronous interpretation. All interested persons are asked to sign up by phone 7289994 and attend the discussion in time since the number of seats is limited. The panel discussion is jointly organised by the Danish Cultural Institute, Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia and Latvian European Movement.

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