On December 8-10, 2005 an international conference “STOP Trafficking in Human Beings! The Nordic-Baltic Campaign Against Trafficking in Women. Effective Ways to Move Forward” takes place in Riga, Latvia. The conference is organized by the Resource Centre for Women “Marta” in close co-operation with the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Riga City Council.

The aim of the conference is to discuss the results of the Nordic-Baltic Campaign against trafficking in women and keep governments responsible to move forward the work against trafficking in close cooperation with different stakeholders within the NGO sector.

Around 120 participants from Nordic and Baltic countries, from governmental and NGO sector, will gather for this conference.

The main result of the project is an exchange of experience and a motivation to work forward against trafficking in women in a cooperative and flexible way. The conference will raise public awareness about the seriousness of the problem and effective ways to fight against it in all the Nordic-Baltic countries. The project presents good practices that other EU countries can use.

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