The winner of the Nordic Council Film Prize 2006 is the Swedish film “Zozo”. The prize of 350,000 DKK (approx. LVL 33 000) will be shared between Josef Fares, Director and Scriptwriter, and Anna Anthony, Producer. The prize will be awarded at a ceremony during the Nordic Council’s annual Session in Copenhagen on Wednesday 1 November. Josef Fares (1977) moved to Sweden as a 10-year old boy in 1987. Being the author of many short video productions at the age of 21, he became the youngest student ever to be admitted into the Film Directors’ program of the Drama Institute, Sweden. Josef Fares is known for hilarious comedies like “Jalla Jalla!” and “Kopps”. All films by Josef Fares have been screened in Latvia – within the International Cinema Forum “Arsenals” and the Nordic Film Days. The Library of the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia, Marijas 13/3, Berga Bazars, Riga welcomes everyone and offers the possibility to watch all movies by Josef Fares – “Jalla Jalla!” (2000), “Kopps” (2003) and “Zozo” (2005) at any time. More information: Ieva Hermansone,, 7820088.

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