On 13 December 2009, a CO2 map of Copenhagen will be created with the use of electric cars. A similar map was already made in Riga on November 14, and now the project is being repeated in Denmark.

The CO2 map of Copenhagen will be created using more than 100 electric cars. As in Riga, the progress of the CO2 E–Race will be shown on large monitors in the centre of the city where GPS information from each colour-coded car will be digitally displayed on a map of Copenhagen.  

In order to memorize and document this unique event, the spectators will be able to photograph the parade of cars and upload their pictures on Google Maps/Earth where they will appear on the map of Copenhagen. You can follow this event live on www.co2-e-race.blogspot.com.

The CO2 E-Race events are organized in connection with the UN climate change conference COP 15 taking place in Copenhagen as of 7 December 2009. The CO2 E-Race as well as COP 15 will seek to bring attention to the seriousness of the problems caused by global warming and encourage people to find solutions for them. Latvia is participating in these events by organizing seminars, conferences and electronic car race. 

The CO2 E-Race is organized by the Danish Cultural Institute in cooperation with the city councils of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, the Confederation of Danish Industry and the GPS supplier TracTrac.

The final event of the CO2 E-Race will take place in Riga in April 2010, consisting of an e-car race in the Biķernieku racing track and an e-car parade on the bridges of Riga.


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