From 12 March two touring photographic exhibitions, Skats (The View) and Laiks (Time) are viewable at the exhibition hall Fotostudija Imagine, which is located at Andrejostas iela 4a, in Riga. In collaboration with Latvian representations abroad, the exhibitions shortly will be going on tour across Europe, America, and China.

Photo exhibition Skats will be represented in Gothenburg City Library during the Gothenburg Book and Library Fair from September 22 until October 5.

Both thematic exhibitions have evolved from works created during two unique photographic campaigns A Day in Latvia (1987 and 2007). Through the medium of quality art photography the exhibitions will seek to reflect the change that has swept across society over these 20 years not only in Latvia, but also in the whole of Eastern Europe, and to present Latvia as a thriving country which has nevertheless preserved its identity. The photographers have succeeded in capturing not only the objective changes but also the 'flavour' of each epoch - the added value of art photography, which is evident both in the works by Latvian photographic artists, and also in the works by award-winning foreign photographers, who have shared their perspective on the Latvia of today.
The exhibitions have been organised on the initiative by the Foreign Ministry, in association with Fotostudija Imagine and the association VIENADIENA.lv.

 Photo: Viesturs Koziols


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