From November 25 to November 28 female filmdirectors are in focus at a filmfestival in Riga. There is a well-established notion of the strength and emancipation of the Nordic women. The present film program both confirms and negates it by manifesting shrewdness in the choices of the subject matter and emotional fragility in terms of approach. The selection consists of three Danish and four Norwegian films, all focused on and directed by woman. Corresponding to their thematic variety, the works are either delicately poetic or austerely minimalistic, yet all are characterized by immediacy and sensuality, and are densely charged with sheer feminine empowerment and the liberty in entails.

The programme is a rare and splendid opportunity to see the most topical films by Danish and Norwegian directors, as well as too boost a discussion on whether films by female directors, and the stories they tell are more distinctive, emotional, and sensitive than the works by their male counterparts.



Program / KSuns (Elizabetes iela 83/85)

25. november
17.30  Tempo (Eva F. Dahr, Norway)
          Little Soldier (2008, Anette K. Olesen, Denmark)
20.00  Mars and Venus (2007, Eva F. Dahr, Norway)

26. november
18.00 Orange Girl (2009, Eva F. Dahr, Norway)
20.00 Upperdog (2009, Sara Johnsen, Norway)

27. november
18.00 Just like Home (2007, Lone Scherfig, Denmark)
20.00 Dancers (2010, Pernille Fischer Christensen, Denmark)

28. november
18.00 The Angel (2009, Margreth Olin, Norway)
20.00 Upperdog (2009, Sara Johnsen, Norway)


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