Seminar Riga Meetings Transmedia 2011 on interactive games and transmedia development in the Baltic Sea region will take place on 24 - 25 November, in the Riga Art Space.

Riga Meetings – the meetings of Nordic, Baltic and German film professionals, aimed at developing co-productions and common film projects between the countries of the Nordic – Baltic region – in it’s previous editions at 2009 and 2010 –  have brought real results in terms of professional networks and a number of existing/ upcoming film projects.

This year Riga Meetings, by support of Nordic – Baltic Business Mobility Programme and Goethe Institute will take the focus on interactive games/ transmedia development in the region. Following the focus the title of this year’s meeting is Transmedia.


The Meeting will bring together approximately 30 key players of game industry from Nordic countries, Baltic states and Germany. The Meetings’s agenda will embrace presentations of case studies and good examples of the region, discussions, workshops and networking activities.

The aim of the meeting is to foster collaboration within game development in the Baltic Sea region, by establishing new networks and working towards new concrete collaboration projects.

More information http://www.nbde.lv/2011/11/16/seminar-riga-meetings-transmedia-2011-on-interactive-games-and-transmedia-development-in-the-baltic-sea-region/




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