In line with Nordic-Baltic cooperation, positions as visiting scientist in the field of dental biomaterials research are established at the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, NIOM, close to Oslo in Norway. Positions are available for 2009, and for a period of 2-6 months.

Persons with a documented research experience in the field of biomaterials should apply. The institute’s research activities are focused on biological, chemical, physical and clinical questions related to biomaterials. More information about NIOM is available at www.niom.no


The salary is based on personal qualifications, from PhD-students to professor. The visiting scientist has to pay for personal living costs, but non-Norwegians will receive an extra of 5 200 NOK/month.

The applicant should include a personal C.V. and a research plan with the headings (a) Aim of the project, (b) Material and methods to be used and (c) budget for the project.

The application in English, including information above, and copies of relevant publications, certificates and more, should be sent no later than May 26, 2008 to,

P.O. Box 70
NO-1305 Haslum

Welcome with your application!


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