" An international seminar European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region – an incentive for innovative entrepreneurship will take place in Riga on 21st of September, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What is the role of the Strategy in the area of innovations? How can it contribute to the competitiveness of enterprises and states in the region? How does the Strategy exploit the full potential of the region in innovation and the efficient use of human resources? Celebrating innovative small and medium-sized enterprises as a basis for a sustainable development, the seminar participants will try to find answers to these and a number of other questions. You can follow the seminar mms://stream.apollo.lv/ltce (on english),  mms://stream.apollo.lv/ltcl (on latvian). By using the Strategy’s perspective we will introduce the vision of the Latvian government on the innovative entrepreneurship, whereas European Commission representative will provide respective recommendations regarding the allocation of European Union (EU) structural funds. Participants will be able to obtain information on good examples of regional cooperation that bridge the „knowledge gap” as well as to explore developments and latest trends in innovation from neighbouring countries. We welcome opinions and encourage discussion among entrepreneurs, scientists and government officials in order to activate Latvian businessmen to use the Strategy as a platform for regional cooperation projects. The Strategy’s priorities will be partly included in the next EU multi-annual financial framework (2014-2020), where co-operation in innovation will play an important role. Since a significant share of the EU structural funds will be aligned with Strategy’s objectives, Strategy’s priorities will become an indirect criterion for projects’ approval for funding. Therefore, the seminar will also address the sources of funding that are and will be available for innovative entrepreneurship. The working languages of the seminar are Latvian and English (translation will be provided). The seminar will be broadcasted live on the internet: http://www.esmaja.lv/, and after the seminar presentations will be available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.lv/. The seminar is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia in cooperation with the Employer’s Confederation of Latvia, the European Commission Representation in Latvia, INTERACT Point Turku and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia. We thank Lattelecom for the technical support.Programme "

2011. gada 23. augusts
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