In fall 2016, the Baltic Assembly together with the Nordic Council of Ministers´offices in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania organised a video competition for children and youth, in order to promote the interest of the Baltic and Nordic youth in neighbourly relations and cooperation in Northern Europe. The winners of the video competition for the youth of Baltic and Nordic countries are the following:

The first place is awarded to Naglis Jonas Kazlauskas, Ignas Kamarauskas and Domantas Kancleris(Lithuania) for the video: “Mission Baltic Way”

The second place is awarded to: Janno Jaagumets and Maiki Ling for the video: “What do our compatriots think?”; Nele Novek, Kettrin Kasenurme and Kelli Peetrimäe for the video: “Goodness saves the world” (both teams from Estonia). 

The third place is awarded to: Artūrs Bartkevičs-Valdmanis and Lauris Svārups (Latvia) for the video: “Good neighbours”; Neringa Jagminaitė and Rugilė Vaiškūnaitė(Lithuania) for the video: “Northern European neighbours: we are from the Nordic and Baltic countries”; Kamilė Diksaitė, Greta Chaškauskaitė, Rimas Kamarauskas and Nauris Jasionis (Lithuania) for the video:"Ginti! Saugoti! Padėti!"


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