From 28 to 29 November, Riga will host the technology and start-up conference Digital Freedom Festival (DFF). The conference will bring together over 1000 technology and start-up entrepreneurs, experts, policymakers, investors and inspirational speakers from all over the world. The central events of the festival will be the conference, startup competition and master classes and  the main themes of the festival will be e-governance, sharing economy, smart cities and cybersecurity.

For two days, participants will look for answers on how society, policymakers and entrepreneurs can collaborate, use the advantages created by technology and benefit from it therefor the DFF is more than a startup conference. It takes special interest in uniting the world of technology with that of policymaking - an opportunity for greater digital dividends to us all.

The Festival offers inspirational speeches, challenging discussions and networking opportunities for everyone: startups pitching their ideas and showcasing their products, investors speed dating startups, policymakers looking for gains from digital transformation,  corporates seeking synergies and spinoffs with startups and students thriving on inspiration.  

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