The Culture and Art Programme supports Nordic projects within all areas of art and culture, in all project phases: preliminary work, production, presentation and dissemination. The overall goal is to provide support for innovative, high artistic and cultural value projects that promote the diversity and sustainability of the Nordic region. The deadline for the next application round is 08.03.2021.

Everyone who is active within the field of art and culture can apply, provided that the project fulfils the programme’s criteria and the cooperation includes partners from minimum three countries, of which at least two are Nordic, that is, either Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, the Åland Islands, the Faroe Islands and/or Greenland. Applicants can be individuals, groups, organisations, institutions and companies.

It is neither necessary for the applicants to live or work in the Nordic region. Furthermore, it is neither necessary for the person or members of the group to have Nordic nationality, as long as the Nordic dimension of the project is fulfilled in other ways. The Nordic dimension is assessed based on how it promotes cooperation between the Nordic countries or between the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

You can apply for support for all phases of a project, from preliminary work to implementing a full scale project. The amount applied for should be reasonable considering the scale of the project. The larger the amount applied for, the larger the requirement for self-financing. Co-financing is considered a key part of the project’s conditions. The Culture and Art Programme can cover between 50 – 100% of the project’s total costs, depending on the size of the applied grant. Projects can be granted up to EUR 7,000 with full financing, up to EUR 40,000 with at least 30% co-financing, up to EUR 100,000 with at least 50% co-financing.

In-kind financing can count towards co-financing. In-kind financing consists of goods or services as payment instead of cash. For example, voluntary work. How you estimate the working hours of volunteers should be specified in the budget and the amount must be reasonable considering the tasks and their duration.

Next application round for this programme will be 10.08.2021 – 13.09.2021.

More information and application form can be found on the Nordic Culture Point website

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