The Nordplus education programme promotes lifelong learning and aims to strengthen cooperation between Nordic and Baltic countries at all levels of education. The programme supports Nordic and Baltic cross-border mobility for students and teachers as well as joint projects and networks between Nordic and Baltic institutions and organisations. In 2020, Nordplus received 86 applications from Latvia, of which 54 were approved with the financial support of 1 140 027 EUR. Nordplus consists of five sub-programmes covering the entire educational sector.

The highest number of approved project applications were for the NordPlus Junior subprogramme  — 28 in total. The Nordplus Higher Education sub-programme approved 13 applications, the Nordplus Adults subprogramme approved 8, and 3 applications were approved for the Nordplus Horizontal sub-programme. Nordplus Nordic Languages sub-programme received 2 project proposals from Latvia and one of them was approved.

In all 362 applications from 8 countries were proposed for NordPlus funding in 2020, making for a total amount of 10.224.860 € or 47% of the applied amount. Results of the Nordplus 2020 application round is available on the Nordplus web page. In Latvia, the programme is administered by the State Education Development Agency.

The next deadline for submitting applications to the Nordplus programmes is 1st February 2021. Preparatory visits in Nordplus Junior, Nordplus Adult and Nordplus Nordic Languages can be applied for in the supplementary application round with a deadline on 1st October 2020.

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