Inspired by a Nordic Council of Ministers´ report on trust “the Nordic Gold”, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia has conducted a project that consisted of a series of events on the importance of trust in society, where a number of Nordic and Latvian experts took part: starting with a Nordic-Baltic panel at LAMPA festival in 2018 and ending with a State Chancellery seminar about the importance of values in state governance in January 2020.
In order to sum up the experiences of the project and discuss possible ways forward, the concluding seminar was organised and took place on 26 February 2020. In the seminar participated involved partners and other organisations interested in the theme.
Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia presented a short summary of activities within the project. Associates professor and Director of the Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research at University of Latvia Inta Mieriņa had a presentation on the topic "Who do we trust and why? Understanding the post-communist space". Then Ulf Andreasson, an analyst at NCM Secretariat and author of the report “Trust – the Nordic Gold” give an update on the discussion about trust in the Nordics. Māra Sīmane, a consultant at the Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre had a presentation “Trust in the Context of the National Development Plan for 2021-2027”.
After presentations participants discussed ways to bring the trust agenda forward and had informal talks.

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