On 17 November 2020 at 11:00 – 14:00 (CET+1) youth councils from the Baltic and Nordic countries will meet at online webinar “Young and Free to Vote?” to share their views on elections as a pivotal element of political engagement and how well (or not?) it works in relation to the young people. The working language will be English.

The Nordic participants will speak about the mock elections – a long-standing tradition of civic awareness raising at Nordic schools, where students of a pre-voting age engage in a simulated process of the whole election cycle: political campaigning, debating and, finally, casting the voting ballot. At the webinar you will meet Rut Einarsdottir from Iceland, Daniel Honoré Jensen from Denmark, Aivar Kamal from Estonia and Urte Petrulyte from Lithuania.  

A similar principle was applied in six selected Latvian schools during 2019 in connection with the European Parliament elections – but this time, in a digital form! The outcome of the project will be presented at the webinar by Imants Breidaks, CEO of Public Participation Foundation ManaBalss.lv.

The 2nd part of the webinar will be open for a panel debate, moderated by Dizdis Meļķis form ManaBalss.lv, and time for Q&A. In panel discussion will participate Emils Anškens from the National Youth Council of Latvia together with colleagues from Iceland, Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania.
Join the webinar on our web page www.norden.lv, FB page, take part and get your voice or question heard!
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