On December 3, 2019, at the Swedish Embassy, there will be an opportunity to meet Swedish journalist and writer Jan Stocklassa and to participate on the opening of the book “The Mann who played with fire”. The conversation will be held in Latvian and Swedish. Jan Stocklassa is a Swedish writer and journalist focusing on large-scale conspiracies in international politics. In his books, Stocklassa uses a narrative non-fiction style to unveil earlier unknown facts about important events in recent history. In 2018 his book Stieg Larssons Arkiv, translated in English "The Man Who Played with Fire: Stieg Larsson's Lost Files and the Hunt for an Assassin" in which Stocklassa investigates the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme on 1986, was published. The theories presented in the book are based on crime writer Stieg Larsson's research into the Swedish far-right and its possible connections to the assassination. The book has been sold to more than 50 countries and translated into 26 languages.

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